"What Are You Brilliant At?"

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This talk asks you to reflect on: "What are you absolutely brilliant at and do they know this at work?"

Our culture resists people identifying and sharing what they are really brilliant at to our collective detriment because we are not encouraging people to get clear about their native's genius.

This talk is an extension of work I do with my career, executive, and leadership coaching clients. One of the highest value moves I make with my clients every day is to help them get clear on their brilliance and why it is important in their work. There is a lot of untapped power in knowing this and when you learn how to channel that power, you can transform the nature and presence of your work.

This talk is designed for executives and entrepreneurs, people who want to switch jobs or careers, and people who want to enter the world of work. It is also ideal for teens and people who want a structured space to explore what they may want to pursue and create in their lives.