"The Mindset of a Resilient Leader"

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Resilience can help you bounce back from unfortunate events faster and more fully, can help you to absorb the lesson from the experience, and can create a workplace culture where it is OK to fail so there is greater strategic risk-taking and teamwork to get higher innovation and creativity. 

The talk develops that I believe the top three capabilities for a resilient leader are: reframing; agency; and forgiveness. For each capability, I explain why it is essential, how to cultivate it, and tips and techniques to apply it to further your leadership platform. I share real-life examples of how these capabilities work in practice to anchor resilience in the face of the inevitable curve balls life and work throws at us as we grow and develop as people and as organizations.

It is designed for corporate retreats, leadership summits, professional networking groups, career reinvention seminars, workshops, and team facilitation off-sites.