"My 5-Step System to Reinvent Your Career"

© 2015 Katy Hansell

Reinventing your career is important to do if you want to stay in alignment with the cutting-edge innovators in your industry so this talk is geared for those who want to up-level their performance, switch jobs or re-enter the workplace. It is designed for corporate retreats, leadership summits, professional networking groups, career reinvention seminars, workshops, and team facilitation of off-sites. 

The talk takes audiences through "My 5 Step System to Reinvent Your Career," which is a cornerstone of my career, executive and leadership coaching practice. The framework is: Vision; Value Proposition; Market Test; Brand You; Land You. It begins with how to think about and focus in on your vision for what you are building in your career and takes you through the critical phases of clarifying and marketing the value you create through your work (i.e. "your value proposition"); making sure you are positioned to get into the right type of work for you by branding you to shorten the time it takes for the right type of employers to interview you for the work you want to do; and land you into work that is meaningful and meets your financial and lifestyle goals.