"How to Re-enter the Workforce"

© 2015 Katy Hansell

In my career, executive, and leadership coaching practice, I work with many women who are interested in re-entering the workforce after a prolonged absence. Many of them have advanced education and held high-powered jobs and have been out of work for 10, 15, 20+ years. They want to get back into work, but not necessarily do the same job they did before. They want to explore their options and try to preserve some of the flexibility they have had while caring for their children, a family member, or having had an illness themselves.

In this "soup-to-nuts" presentation, I go over how to think about planning a strategic re-entry to work from A to Z. I help them figure out how to reposition themselves for successful re-entry, how to think about themselves as a "brand," how to cultivate a responsive network through reciprocity and informational interviewing, how to discuss their absence and formulate their "value proposition," and how to discuss money, level, and title.

This talk works well in multiple formats: as a keynote address; as a keynote address with an interactive Q&A session with the full audience; as a keynote address with smaller facilitated "break-out" sessions; as a facilitated workshop, or off-site retreat.