"How to Network Strategically"

© 2015 Katy Hansell

Your professional network can become your greatest asset if you handle it with care, invest in it, stay responsive, treat everyone equally, be generous with your "5 minute favors" and give strategically.

In this talk, I share lessons developed from my career, executive and leadership coaching practice to cover how to develop and grow your network and how to turn followers into rabid fans. I show how the important factor is how you make people feel, not how many people you are linked to.

The three biggest levers to cultivate a responsive network are: 1) giving strategically to create a reciprocity dynamic; 2) informational interviews; 3) optimizing Linkedin as a social media platform. For the first lever, I share the work of Adam Grant, PhD, in his best-selling book Give and Take and others about how to give strategically. For the second lever, I share how valuable informational interviews are and how readily most people will agree to them if you can create a mutually beneficial context for the exchange. I share my tips for how to elevate informational interviewing to the art form it truly can be. Finally, I curate the best techniques out there from the experts on how to optimize Linkedin as a social media platform.

The ideal format for this talk is part keynote speech and part facilitated workshop. It is ideal for small leadership team building events, professional networking events, and off-site retreat events.