"How to Brand You!"

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I take audiences interactively through examples of people branding themselves to achieve the results they are seeking professionally. We walk through examples of entrepreneurs creating multiple micro-brands under a macro-umbrella and how it gives you a platform to scale your business. We also walk through examples of how corporate professionals have personal brands that supplement their corporate identity and enable them to have a writing, speaking, and other service platform outside of their corporate position.

This talk works well for both corporate executives AND for groups of entrepreneurs OR combined groups of both. It is a very visual presentation and breaks down a lot of the myths around branding and helps people understand that a brand is just a way of clarifying and extending the message of the benefit their work delivers to their intended audience. 

It can be offered as a visual keynote address, as an interactive presentation, and can be combined with break-out sessions in small groups to go through exercises to begin to develop a brand message, identity and positioning as a half or full day experience.