"Getting Unstuck in Life and at Work"

© 2015 Katy Hansell

Originally developed for my TEDx talk at TEDx Winnetka Women (link here), I share a powerful strategy for getting unstuck in life that applies equally well to women and men. 

I share many of the tools I have custom developed for clients in my career, executive and leadership coaching practice, including some which I offer full speeches on as individual speaking topics and are listed above ("My 5 Step Model to Reinvent Your Career"; "Capabilities for the Resilient Mindset of a Leader" copyright © 2015 KatyHansell.com).

This talk is geared for people in their 30s-60s who feel that somewhere along the way they got locked into a path that they no longer want to pursue and have a nagging sense that while they are enjoying life, there has to be MORE?! It reveals how the research shows that we all feel this way at some point in our lives and that we can use the experience, while it can be painful at the time, to help catalyze our transformation to become more fully who we want to be and in greater alignment with our purpose and more congruency with our values.

It is ideal for conferences about inspiring, motivating and empowering people to live their best life. It can be given as a keynote and it can be supplemented to offer a workshop and/or small group facilitation with it.