"My 5-Step System to Reinvent Your Career"

The talk takes audiences through "My 5 Step System to Reinvent Your Career," which is a cornerstone of my career, executive and leadership coaching practice. The framework is: Vision; Value Proposition; Market Test; Brand You; Land You.

"Capabilities-Based Leadership for High-Performing Teams"

What makes high-performing teams different?

Companies that have figured out how to create and sustain high-performing teams have the edge in today's crowded global marketplace. They are able to innovate more quickly and capitalize on their window of innovation more fully. The best place to start to create high performing teams is to invest in developing the leadership capabilities of your team. This talk is designed for corporate retreats, leadership summits, professional networking groups, career reinvention seminars, workshops, and team facilitation off-sites. 

"The Mindset of a Resilient Leader"

Resilience can help you bounce back from unfortunate events faster and more fully, can help you to absorb the lesson from the experience, and can create a workplace culture where it is OK to fail so there is greater strategic risk-taking and teamwork to get higher innovation and creativity. 

"How to Brand You!"

I take audiences interactively through examples of people branding themselves to achieve the results they are seeking professionally. We walk through examples of entrepreneurs creating multiple micro-brands under a macro-umbrella and how it gives you a platform to scale your business. We also walk through examples of how corporate professionals have personal brands that supplement their corporate identity and enable them to have a writing, speaking, and other service platform outside of their corporate position

"What Are You Brilliant At?"

This talk asks you to reflect on: "What are you absolutely brilliant at and do they know this at work?"

Our culture resists people identifying and sharing what they are really brilliant at to our collective detriment because we are not encouraging people to get clear about their native's genius.

"How Targeted 'Giving' is a Smart Business Strategy"

I am really drawn to the work of Adam Grant, PhD, the youngest professor ever at the Wharton School of Business, and how he talks about the strategic use of giving in business. This talk is built off of his best-selling book, Give and Take, which helps you to identify your natural reciprocity style at work and how to think about how it impacts your work and your relationships.

"How to Re-enter the Workforce"

In my career, executive, and leadership coaching practice, I work with many women who are interested in re-entering the workforce after a prolonged absence. Many of them have advanced education and held high-powered jobs and have been out of work for 10, 15, 20+ years. They want to get back into work, but not necessarily do the same job they did before. They want to explore their options and try to preserve some of the flexibility they have had while caring for their children, a family member, or having had an illness themselves.