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Katy Hansell is a dynamic, content rich speaker who effectively reaches women wanting to find their place in today’s work world. I have experienced first hand how Katy can mobilize and empower women to take positive steps to find work that is meaningful and well suited to their own needs. For women seeking the courage to re-enter a much changed work world after off-ramping, Katy is able to paint a picture of why their voices and work ethic are needed in today’s work world. For those needing to clarify their true purpose and passions for work, Katy provides step by step mentoring that is both impactful and engaging. Katy knows what often holds women back from true success in the work world and provides the steps women can take to get un-stuck. She is passionate, sincere and a true believer in the capabilities of women. Katy is an original and informed speaker who commanded the attention and respect of our organization’s audience. Katy was by far one of the best received speakers we have had in our organization.
— Kristi Nuelle, Chicago | Steering Committee, GSVLabs ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women
Katy Hansell is an engaging, forceful speaker on the subject of women in the work force. From her long business career and experience coaching/ counseling senior women, she brings front lines perspectives on how gender issues play out in career settings. Developing instant rapport with her audience, Katy is relatable and funny. But make no mistake, she expertly pierces through the fog of gender inequality in the workplace with practical insights that women can use to empower themselves and help each other.
— Lindsay Bray Landsberg, Chicago | Practice Leader, Boyden Global Executive Search
Katy has an uncanny ability to connect with her audience due to her high level of self-awareness, perception, and eloquence. I have never experienced any other speaker prepare for her class as much as Katy did. Katy’s insight into her client’s needs, coupled with her strong desire to help people advance in all facets of their lives, shines through when she speaks to an audience. She is an excellent communicator and a strong speaker.
— Elke, Chicago | Program Developer, ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women
Katy, I really enjoyed your talk at Make It Better Media yesterday. I found myself nodding in agreement with everything you said. It was a fun event and meeting new people and hearing their stories is always deeply interesting to me.
— Sheila Nielsen | President, Nielsen Career Consulting
Katy, you and Lindsay crushed it! What I really appreciated is that it was all useful, tangible, and inspiring. I was honored to share the stage with you yesterday and I wish you all good things!
— Theresa Sullivan | Wayfinder Advisors
Katy Hansell speaks with honesty, wit, compassion, and grit. On two different occasions, I’ve seen her dig deep and share of herself in order to guide audiences to their own awareness. In walking her talk, she offers a fresh approach to managing the difficult conversations we frequently have not only with others, but with ourselves.
— Deborah Siegel, Chicago | PhD, Author/TEDx speaker
Katy presented at our women and leadership conference, She Sails, that had over 700 attendees. She presented a segment to adults on how to think about yourself as a brand if you are returning to work and why that is important. In addition to her well-organized and clearly executed presentation, Katy made herself available to people one-on-one after the panel and during a networking session. She was positive, supportive, experienced as well as approachable.
— Corinne Corrigan Daniels, Massachusetts | Director of Alumni Relations
Katy was one of our featured speakers at a panel discussion regarding communication and difficult conversations. Katy was not only extremely professional, but she was also a highly engaging and knowledgeable speaker. She was able to relate with the audience and give powerful information and tips in her talk with our group. I would recommend her without hesitation.
— Lisa Kaplin, Chicago | Psy.D., CPC
Katy, thank you for preparing such an engaging and relatable presentation. You’re very comfortable in front of an audience, good on your feet, and knowledgeable. Your talents really shined! I’m sure that the audience was wowed and that new clients will roll in. Looking forward to many more collaborative interactions!
— Mindy Fauntheroy | Co-Founder & COO, Make It Better Media | October 15, 2015
“Katy, I so enjoyed your “Finding Your Passion and Purpose” class through the ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women. Your exercises got me out of my head (especially the drawing on the white board) and shook up the way I view this job hunt. I was focusing too much on process, and not adding what brings me passion! The way you engage others, listen intently to the participants’ questions, ask intuitive questions, and shared of your own journey was inspiring!”
— Catherine G., Chicago | Corporate Executive
“Katy, Today was wonderful! I liked everything about the “Finding Your Passion and Purpose” seminar. I have been working on myself for the last six months and today’s workshop showed me I have more to work on, more dreams to think about. You inspired me to remain fully committed to myself and my journey and to realize that there are so many women in my same situation!”
— Nancy C., Chicago | Artist
Katy, I want to extend my sincere thanks for your terrific presentation at Re:Work 2015. Your session was compelling, engaging, and well-received. I know I will be quoting you and directing friends and associates your way for advice and counsel on this topic, and I bet others will too.”
— Jennifer Woolford | Partner, 4 Insights Marketing LLC | October 15, 2015

Podcast testimonials

(iTunes free podcast episode #8 entitled “Getting Unstuck with Katy Hansell” in the podcast series “Born With Fire” by Kaly McKenna)

Katy’s inspirational podcast has a powerful spiritual message for each of us who is thinking about change or transformation toward living our life’s true mission. Her intuitive, passionate, and liberating message resonated a quiet voice inside me and encouraged me to take action now. Her podcast energized me to trust my inner voice, face my self doubts, and step boldly into the fullness of life, with all its messiness and joys. She empowers each of us to choose growth over fear, by taking one concrete step at a time. It brought tears to my eyes as I realized that I was not alone in the sometimes difficult journey of change toward believing in your dream. Katy provided me with a sense of fearlessness in taking that first step. Katy is an effective champion for every woman looking to better her life and I can hear her voice cheering me on!
— Ruth K., Virginia | Professional Reading Specialist, Teacher, Attorney
I love this podcast Katy! So much resonated for me, like not needing to have everything figured out before moving forward and also not looking back at the past with regret, that everything you’ve been through has served a purpose. Love the “Yes, And...”, rather than “Either, Or...”. I give it 5 stars!
— Hélène T., Chicago | Author, Blogger, & Huffington Post Contributor
If you are in need of an empowering pick-me-up, check out episode #8 called “The Secret To Getting Unstuck” of the “Born With Fire” podcast on iTunes. I highly recommend the great interview of Katy Hansell by Kaly McKenna!
— Abbie H., Chicago | Professional Speech Pathologist

tedx testimonials

("Getting Unstuck in Work & in Life" for TEDx Winnetka Women)

This is a lesson for living. It’s something we need to keep within arm’s reach for those moments when we feel stuck or off track. I paused the video and started taking notes! At 5 a.m.! (“There is nothing like scarcity to get you to focus on living.”) This TEDx talk is RICH and I am SO PROUD of you. Thank you for sharing the system and sharing your emergence with us.”
— Rhea A., New York | Executive & Entrepreneur
Katy—awesome talk, so many good tweetables in your speech. Beautifully written and executed. I’ve already received a comment on how spot-on your message is.
— Sahar P., Houston | Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Yoga
Katy, I attended the TEDx presentation this morning and your presentation was by far my favorite. We share a common passion of supporting women through career transition. Your excellent speech has shared some important themes I see in my clients too and would love to connect with you.
— Aileen B., Chicago | Career Coach
Terrific video, insightful content, delivered convincingly and forcefully.
— Carl R., Chicago | President of Financial Services firm