The Davis Enterprise wrote a story about Purple Tree Café and the amazing resources it will bring to the Davis community. Read it here!

I'm incredibly excited that Pamela's vision for the Purple Tree Cafe is now a reality! Read below how to become part of the community.


A note from the Executive Director, Pamela Cohen:

"Purple Tree Cafe will be a ground-breaking coffee house in Davis, California, that will provide competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities and bring people without disabilities together through music, art, and community. After years of planning, we're excited to have launched our crowdfunding campaign. Our Tilt page is open for business! 

The first stage in the fundraising campaign will be to start employing people with disabilities to sell specially roasted and labeled Purple Tree Coffee in and around Davis. Once we raise what we need to make that happen--what the page calls our "tilt" amount--all additional contributions will go toward opening our brick-and-mortar cafe. 

We are excited to have the strong support of the Davis community for this venture, including our partners: Progressive Employment Concepts, Team Davis, Studio 700 Center for the Arts, and Short Center South. This is the critical moment when our collective dream can become a reality. Please contribute what you can toward this effort. And even more importantly, please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested in supporting this unique and exciting venture--and to anyone who might know someone...who might know someone...who might be interested.

Feel free to email me at or call me at 650-533-8211 with questions or ideas. 

Thank you so much for supporting this project, and for helping make the Purple Tree grow!"


 Katy and Pamela are so excited about the launch of Purple Tree Cafe! You too can join in the excitement!

Katy and Pamela are so excited about the launch of Purple Tree Cafe! You too can join in the excitement!

 Friends Katy Hansell & Pamela Cohen

Friends Katy Hansell & Pamela Cohen

Visit the Purple Tree Cafe websiteTilt PageFacebook Page, or Amazon Smile (designate Our House Cafe as your charity, then shop on AmazonSmile, and Amazon will donate 0.05% of your purchase price to Purple Tree Cafe) to support the Purple Tree Cafe!