1. relatability:

Katy has been a high-powered executive, an entrepreneur starting a business from scratch, and a stay-at-home Mom so she gets what each world is like and how to navigate them all.

High-powered executive: To be perfectly blunt, most coaches have not had the executive experience Katy had working with CEOs, senior management, and Boards of Directors of Fortune 500 corporations, financial services firms, and other service organizations. Katy understands what it takes to break through a glass ceiling, persuade an organization to rethink or even scrap a high-level plan, differentiate your contribution from your peers', and navigate the politics of advancement.

Entrepreneur from scratch: Building a freelance consulting practice and now launching a coaching practice, both from scratch, Katy understands personally how challenging it can be to move from a vision in your mind for your own business to a thriving, growing, and profitable business serving clients and juggling all the challenges that naturally occur.

Stay-at-Home Mom: Katy chose to become a stay-at-home mom and she knows that is a privilege that is simply not available to many women who would like to make the same choice. She loved it and was grateful for the experience. However, she also knows it can make you feel invisible sometimes and can be lonely and challenging. Katy is able to relate well and help many women who want to re-enter the workforce after a long absence, whether it was to raise children or to care for a sick spouse, parent, or child. Katy knows how to help you position yourself to return to work and not be forced to rewind the clock and start all over again.

2. scalability:

Katy focuses her clients on thinking through how they can efficiently scale their contributions to deepen their sense of making an impact and accomplishing a mission through their working lives.

For entrepreneurs, Katy feels it is critical to think through "multiple streams of income" and to repurpose their original content (products, services) in multiple media and distribution channels.

She also feels that in today's business environment, everyone needs to think through what their brand is in the eyes of their employers, customers, colleagues, prospects, and the marketplace. People need to understand how to leverage their initiatives and maximize their impact for the good of their organizations and clients by efficiently scaling and branding them in direct and indirect ways.

3. empathy:

Katy is a full-time working mom, married, with three sons and four rescue cats so she is no stranger to a busy home, jam-packed schedules, the foreboding question of what is for dinner, and mountains of laundry. She still personally drives each lap to her sons' two schools and to all their activities.

Katy understands how hard it can be for people to pull it all off and still have something left for themselves. And yet, when we don't take care of ourselves, we and everyone else around us suffers. Katy is determined to help her clients treat themselves like they do their best friends and focus on their bliss and build commitments to themselves into their daily life so they stop deferring their dreams until tomorrow and start living the life of their dreams today.