coaching philosophy

As a career and leadership coach, my focus is on helping you realize your aspirations for your work and your life. I want you to feel that every morning when you wake up, you are facing a day where you are engaged in work that you love and find meaningful; that you feel in alignment with your life's purpose; that you are serving from your highest skills and zone of brilliance; and that your daily life is congruent with your values. I do not believe that this aspiration is too tall of an order or unrealistic. I believe that you can structure your life to pursue your dreams and while you cannot control what will happen to you, you can control how you direct your energy and how you feel about your life. I am living proof that you can overhaul your life in this way and I work with amazing clients every day to help them move in the direction of their dreams! It would be my honor to work with you.


Who do I work with?

My career coaching practice offers several different coaching packages so it is geared towards women and men who are: job-changers; job re-entrants; C-suite executives; mid-level executives; executives who want to become entrepreneurs; executives or entrepreneurs who want to work through career blocks, develop leadership capabilities, and accelerate their promotion; new entrants to the workforce; CEOs and senior managers who want a private advisor to explore issues in a safe space; entrepreneurs who are looking to scale profitable growth of the ventures; professional volunteers who want to return to paid work; Board members who are looking to develop their leadership; people facing diversity challenges at work; people facing compensation challenges or pay equity issues; anyone who feels blocked or unfulfilled in their career progression.

What services do I offer?

Here are some career coaching services I offer:

  • Creating a vision for possible careers to pursue
  • Developing an informational interviewing strategy to learn more and assess fit
  • Creating your personal and professional brand, in person and online
  • Developing your pitch (online and print resume, elevator speech, LinkedIn and SEO, persuasive and original answers to FAQ)
  • Mock interviews
  • Identifying what makes you indispensable to your clients and organization
  • Maximizing your zone of brilliance
  • Developing your forward career plan
  • Integrating your values into your job strategy
  • Maximizing your worth strategy (compensation, job content alignment, visibility, recognition)
  • Blending and balancing your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Developing your teaming and leadership platform and capabilities
  • Other career issues you would like support on


Who do I work with?

My leadership coaching practice is geared to work with:

  • Individuals who want to develop their teaming and leadership capabilities
  • Individuals who are struggling with any aspect of their teaming or leadership responsibilities
  • Individuals who want to strengthen their platform for spreading their message, their mission, and to cultivate more diversity in their teams
  • Management teams who want to develop different interaction patterns and tools to address conflict or inefficiency
  • Management teams who want to create a bonding experience by co-creating an offsite or retreat with customized programming and activities to create better relationships
  • C-Suite executives, mid-level executives, CEOs, or senior management teams who want to work on their teaming and leadership platform broadly and maximize its impact
  • C-Suite or mid-level executives who are feeling blocked in their upward mobility and achieving their professional goals
  • CEOs and leaders who want to maximize their message and their mission and create more diverse and impactful teams

What services do I offer?

Here are some leadership coaching services I offer:

  • Identifying your zone of brilliance as a leader
  • Developing what makes you indispensable to your clients and your organization
  • Creating your personal and professional brand, in person and online
  • Clarifying your mission as a leader
  • Amplifying your mission as a leader
  • Developing your teaming and leadership strategy
  • Managing difficult decisions and conversations strategy
  • Developing your forward career plan
  • Integrating your values into your job strategy
  • Maximizing your worth strategy (compensation, job content alignment, visibility, recognition)
  • Developing the talent around you and securing a pipeline of talent
  • Blending and balancing your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Embracing and cultivating diversity at work and on your team
  • Other leadership issues or challenges you would like support on


Who do I work with?

I offer four different possible coaching packages to entrepreneurs:

  • Career Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Business Consulting Services

The business consulting services are geared to specifically address the issues that will come up in visioning, planning, resourcing, launching, funding, and scaling a business from scratch. My expertise here stems from both launching my own business as an entrepreneur AND from my years as a post-MBA management consultant working at a global corporate strategy consulting firm advising CEOs, senior management teams, and Boards of Directors on corporate strategy issues of many types. 

These business consulting services are effective for people who are considering leaving a corporate job to run their own business; people with a vision for a business they want to launch; people actively starting up a business; people who are running a business and want to scale it to sell it, IPO it, or expand it.

What services do I offer?

Here are some business consulting services I offer:

  • Creating a vision for your business
  • Creating your product/service offering and evaluating your uniqueness
  • Market-testing your business and product/service vision
  • Writing your business plan
  • Developing your business strategy
  • Creating your marketing, promotion, pricing, and social media strategy (we will partner with another resource on social media part)
  • Analyzing your competition and finding your win/win
  • Evaluating funding options and trade-offs
  • Cultivating your negotiating with strategic alliance partners
  • Planning your growth and scaling strategy
  • Creating and implementing talent development and diversity plans
  • Other business-specific issues that you identify


Who do I work with?

I do a lot of coaching of other coaches. It is one-third of my coaching practice.

I work with all types of coaches: career coaches; executive coaches; life coaches; health and wellness coaches; writing and presentation coaches; empowerment coaches.

My COACHING FOR COACHES practice helps coaches to strengthen their platform for their services; to get their message out to their target audience; to rethink issues that develop in their practice; to support them on challenging cases; to help them on the marketing, promotion, and business issues that come up for them as coaches and entrepreneurs.

If you are a coach and/or entrepreneur, please reference my section on Business Consulting to Entrepreneurs.

coach other coaches in the following formats: individual one-on-one coaching; group coaching for general issues and for similar types of coaches, such as a group of life coaches or a group of health and wellness coaches; through Master Minds; through mentorship; and through Laser Coaching.

What services do I offer?

Visioning Your Coaching Practice:

  • For author/speaker/coaches: who have an existing coaching practice, but it is flagging and they are seeking a way to rejuvenate it and have it thrive
  • For newly certified coaches: who are trying to figure out how to launch their coaching practice, find their target customers, create the necessary infrastructure to support it, and get their initial marketing launched
  • For established coaches: who want to develop new coaching formats (such as going online, going global, launching new service lines), reinvigorate their practice, and extend their reach and maximize their impact

Scaling Your Coaching Practice for Profitable Growth:

For all types of coaches at all stages of building their practice, I offer targeted advice to maximize the profitability and growth of their practice while preserving their mission of service and promoting empowerment of their clients.

I am uniquely positioned to offer this targeted advice because unlike most coaches, my background has a B.A. in Economics with High Honors from Duke University and an M.B.A. from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Northwestern University; experience as a commercial banker; experience as a management consultant for the global corporate strategy firm, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), advising CEOs, senior management teams, and Boards of Directors of Fortune 500 corporations. I have a strong blend of business smarts and coaching expertise and I can translate one into the other seamlessly.


Who do I work with?

While a lot of my coaching practice is working with clients (women and men) on career and leadership challenges, I am also a certified professional life coach.

As a life coach, my services are most effective for women:

  • Women who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled, but are not sure why
  • Women who are living for some day in the future when...(fill-in-the-blank)
  • Women who are facing divorce, separation, illness, or a personal challenge they find difficult
  • Women who feel that their life's purpose is something far afield from what they are doing today
  • Women who feel "there has to be more...?"

While I am a certified professional life coach, I am not a medical professional and do not offer medical advice or dispense any medication.

What services do I offer?

Here are some life coaching services I offer:

  • Identifying your purpose and mission in life

  • Clarifying what makes you unique and irreplaceable
  • Amplifying how your life is centered on your zone of brilliance
  • Understanding the gap between where you are today and where you would like to be, in terms of:
    • Living from your uniqueness
    • Your creative expression
    • Your social validation
    • Your relationships
    • Your freedom (time, money, lifestyle, decision-making)
    • Your health and wellness

and creating concrete and practical action to bring you into greater alignment on these dimensions and maximize your sense of a gap.


Who do I work with?

Laser coaching refers to a one-hour session where a client asks me to respond to a specific problem, issue, or challenge that they are having.

I offer coaching in six-week packages. I believe that six weeks is the ideal amount of time for an initial coaching package. It takes the first two weeks or so to get fully up to speed on how the client thinks and processes and what they are looking for; it takes about four weeks to deliver a concrete answer that advances the conversation and helps them get the clarity they are seeking. Most of my clients elect to re-purchase additional coaching by buying a second or third block of six weeks coaching or by committing to an ongoing coaching relationship at their desired frequency.

I only offer laser coaching to existing clients or former clients who want to explore a specific topic or to other coaches who are in a Master Mind with me or have asked me to coach them previously.

What services do I offer?

The laser coaching service is a focused flash coaching session focused on a topic of the client's choosing and is only available to clients and other coaches I have worked with before for at least six weeks (this can be waived at my discretion for coaches I am in other groups with and have an ongoing relationship with).